Welcome to our new website.

We started out this year with a name change to Adapify Inc. and decided that it was about time our website to get a face-lift too. We come a long way since we started building the platform back in 2014 under the We Evolve Us brand and now and our Adapify Sports solution is polished and ready to launch. All of our cloud infrastructure to power it is ready to scale. (…thanks Microsoft)

We built this website using WordPress and the Adapify Sports theme, which we will be providing for free to any organization that needs a website along with their Adapify cloud apps. We decided the best approach to give each company full control over their website wasn’t to put a site builder in our apps like our competitors. So instead we decided to integrate our apps with the easiest to use and best supported website tools that most people already know, WordPress.

We’ll be updating the Adapify Sports WordPress theme along the way and adding more and deeper integration with our apps as our users let us know they want it. For now though, anyone with a little WordPress knowledge should be able to run with it as a starting point or if you would like us to set it up for you we’ll be happy to do that too.

Our Adapify platform will still be handling all of the heavy lifting on the back end for all of the features in the cloud apps, (registration and payments, events and facilities mgmt, teams and coaching, etc.) but for a website and blog, we’ll stick with industry standards so you get the most control and the best experience managing your website.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or contact us directly.

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