Customizable Registration

Offer the best program registration experience for new users, and simplify the process for previous members registering for the new season.

Event and Facility Management

Schedule team or league events, games and practices. Easily notify staff, parents, and players of field or facility status, cancellations.

Tools for Staff

Your staff is key to making it all work - give them one place to track, manage, and make adjustments to keep the season running smoothly.

Customizable Dashboard

You have control over what each type of user see's on their dashboard when they login.

In-App Advertising

You can even use your apps as a new revenue stream, with the ability to manage ad space for sponsors right inside your apps.

Your Apps in the Appstores

You won't ever have to tell customers to go download the TeamSnap or SportsEngine app, then try to find you in it. It's your app!

Adapify sports is a next generation software platform for your sports organization.
Let us know your interested and we'll spin up apps for your organization to try free for your first season.

Give Your Users A Better Experience
Everything you need to keep your staff, coaches, volunteers, players, and parents organized, in one place without breaking the bank.

Productivity Anywhere

All features work great on every device giving you total control for your league whether your at the office or on the go.

Administrative Tasks

Complete control of all administrative functions such as team or event changes, billing, scheduling, reports, and more.

User Specific

Limit access to certain features based on user role, like the ability send communcations to specific teams, or manage registrations.

Direct Notifications

Managers or coaches can easily create and send emails or mobile push notifications to their teams, players, staff, or program registrants.

App Screens
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